Magic Pet Parlor LLC - grooming and supplies
.Modified  Terrier clip  done at school        

Miniature Poodle clip practiced at School

Shih Tzu cut with 1/8 " on body
Pekinese leave 1/2 " all over

Pomeranian with lion clip

Pomeranian with  Short Hair Cut (1/2" all over)
Standard Poodle short puppy cut with 1 wide band

 Yorkshire Terrier Pet clip

Lite trimmed Shetland Sheepdog

1" trimmed all over with lite mane Shetland sheep dog 
Long Hair chihuahua with short on body and long feather on ears

Cocker Spaniel Pet Clip with Tam
Bichon Frise pet style with mushroom head
Pomeranian with 1/2" on body & lite trimmed mane

Mi-Ki the new dog Breed show cut

 Pet Clip Maltese   

Full Coat Maltese

Welsh Terrier with very short body and Terrier  Face

Passion Russell Terrier customized clip

Yorkie-Poo clip designed by client
Bikini cut for miniature Poodle  
Full coat Yorkshire Terrier

Briard customer designed long coat

Yorkshire Terrier first time Hair Cut